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Have a lovely summer and hope to see you in September!

Personal Impact on ENergy

In 2022 my husband and I moved to Vienna. Since then, many of my classes and sessions can be followed in English. Check the site for English content, these classes are all online or in Vienna. Dutch content are classes in Heemstede or online.

Or contact me for more information.

EN: What does your heart tell you? And do you listen when it speaks? Your heart is the mouth of your soul. I would like to help you listen again, and live from your heart. Let you radiate, powerful, living LIFE. Make an impact on those around you and on the world. Stable, aware, clear and full of insights. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, whatever you want to achieve, in personal life and in your work. 

NL: Wat zegt jouw hart tegen je? En luister je wel genoeg naar haar? Je hart is de spreekbuis van je ziel. En als hartscoach wil ik je graag helpen weer te luisteren, en te leven vanuit je hart. Je laten stralen vanuit je kern. Stabiel, bewust, helder en vol inzichten. Herinner je weer hoe mooi je bent, hoe goed je eigenlijk het doet in het leven en hoe waardevol je bent. Wie je ook bent, waar je ook vandaan komt, wat je ook wilt bereiken.

"From my heart to yours, welcome!"

"Something will grow from all you are

going through

And it will be you"


Heemstede, Vienna, online

Tel: +31.6.51 69 71 01‬

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Thank you

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