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Meditation in movement -Chakradance

"A creative embodied dance practice, rooted in ancient wisdom and modern knowledge" Deepak Chopra


Chakradance™ is a form of movement that connects body and soul, and brings them back together and in balance. It is an artistic and therapeutic form based on the chakra teachings. 

Chakradance allows the energy in your body to flow. We all have a past, a trauma, a story within us. At the same time, our body has the ability to heal itself, and give you the tools to release and heal old pain.

It is a meditation in movement, so you do not have to sit still. Chakradance is suitable for everyone, young and old, rigid or flexible. You will feel more relaxed and more aware of your body. And at the same time your heart is touched and healed. We move on specially composed music that touches and opens all energypoints in your body. You move with your eyes closed and in subdued light, finding your own movements. 


Meditation in movement course is practiced live in groups, or online in the safety of your own living room - always guided by me, of course. 


LIVE CLASS: In a small group (max 10 participants), in a nice and safe environment we dance and then give creative expression to what you have experienced by drawing a mandala.I guide you through the dance with visualizations and you let your body guide you.If you surrender to the music, your body will spontaneously start to move. Feel what is happening, let go and have no judgement. Just feel the bliss afterwards.


ONLINE: Each week we have a Zoom meeting in which I tell you about the chakra of this week. I then send you an mp3; a meditation and a dance.You do these exercises at your time, in your own safe space at home. The next week we discuss last weeks chakra and you get the info for the next week/the next chakra. 

Chakradance™ was developed by Australian Natalie Southgate.  Chakradance was embraced by Deepak Chopra in 2004. Thousands of people around the world have since experienced how healing and relaxing this method is. 

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