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Mind Body Soul Alignment

Create a new reality

Awareness is the ultimate basis for development and change.

Mind Body Soul Alignment (MBSA) makes you aware of your ingrained patterns and enables you to really break through them in order to create a new reality.

With an MBSA-exercise you transform a belief that limits you into a new, positive belief. This allows your own body to optimize its self-healing capacity and start working for you again. An MBSA is a combination of visualization, connection to your soul, heart coherence and NLP.


Together we have a look at which theme or trauma you hold and where you have (unconsciously) placed a conviction. So you are not conscious of the belief itself, but you notice it because you are limited by it in your behavior, you are physically affected by it or you physically express it through e.g. a tic or an annoying habit.  We examine this belief and change it into a new belief.

Does this sound very easy? That's right, it is a stunningly simple exercise, but one that works on a deep level and has great effect.

Examples (real cases):

* Discovering the real cause (much deeper than just 'too busy at work') of a burnout and working on recovery from within.

* A client who now understood why he had a 'cough-tic' for years, which after the session was gone immediately and forever.

* Being able to drive without fear past the crossroad where a client once had a terrible accident

* A client who has always felt alone, now understood where this came from and therefore no longer feels this way

* A client now understands a misunderstood and, to her mind, unfounded fear of hospitals, which enabled her to visit sick family members again.



A Mind Body Soul Alignment takes about an hour and is always individual.

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