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"You're in the arms of the angel

may you find some comfort here"

Sarah McLachlan 


Feel the ancient wisdom

Angels always travel with us. All our lives we feel them, however we are not always conscious of it. Since 1993, when I read the book "Ask your Angels," I am more aware and work with them every day. In my practice, in my classes, in my life. Through the training Angel Wisdom by Yvette Visser I have deepened feeling their presence with ancient knowledge about the angelic world. ( It is such a pity that we forgot how to communicate with these creatures, whereas for thousands of years it has been embedded in daily life and was taught for generations. 

The playfulness and love of angels can give you deeper insights and often a different perspective on things.


You can contact me for a short online Cardreading on a theme,  or an extensive Soulreading.-Soulreading only in Dutch-.  Also  -in December and January- I do Annual Readings for the coming year. This is not a prediction of what is to come, but merely a guide of what you can work on. All these readings are done with the Angel Wisdom cards of Yvette Visser and Monique van Saane. A layout of the cards is a contact with your soul, your inner light and the light of the angels. Through the cards you will gain insight into your life, a theme or certain situation that is going on. A reading gives you focus, balance and especially a lot of insights.

This can be done live or online, for example through Zoom or Skype. 

Just as we sometimes pray, asking God or the angels for advice and help, you can also submit a written question to the Archangels. A petition. A sacred and powerful means of asking for help with something that is on your mind, or a situation in the world. The petition is written in the century old script of the angels; the River script or Thebetan script. I can help you formulate your question and write the petition for you. And.... for the world, for a petition always serves a bigger cause.

Individual workshops will be planned in 2024. Who is your guardian angel and how do you make contact with him or her? Do you listen enough to what the angels whisper to you? We explore all this -and more- with the help of visualisations and exercises in a beautiful and loving day. 


Online Class: In 4 mornings (3 hours) you will thoroughly get to know the 11  Archangels. Who are they, what is their task in the Universe, how do they support us on earth, what can you ask each one of them? Through information, wonderful visualisations and beautiful exercises you will get to know the Archangels and work with them. A moving beautiful journey through the angelic world that will change your life. 

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