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Pien is such a nice, warm and approachable teacher. She creates a safe atmosphere! In addition, she often gives examples of her own experiences in which she dares to be vulnerable, which makes her lessons personal.


Wow, the angelic workshop literally gave me wings. Thank you so much for a beautiful day. 


The "Initiations of Life" training has brought me peace, acceptance and self-love. It felt like coming home to myself. I am more confident and gained another perspective on so many things in life. 


The MBSA session with you still works. It still feels like confirmation that I am allowed to open my heart. This may seem like an open door, but it is not. Sometimes someone has to carry you over the threshold. And you did!

W. D. 

Thank you so much, what a beautiful angelic card reading! I am moved, silent and in tears... It resonates...... How incredibly beautiful his was...  


After a period of too much stress, I had a burn out and became afraid of the unpredictability of life.  Pien learned me that I actually wanted to live life to the fullest and have fun. She taught me to listen to my heart again. I changed jobs and now live my best life. 


Meditation in Movement has proven to be truly magical for me! The gentle movements and healing vibrations of the music finally allowed my body to relax. I am convinced that I have recovered from my burnout much faster because of these classes.


Wauw, wat bijzonder dit.... Het bevestigt wat ik zelf ook voel. Heel fijn om daar op deze manier woorden bij te krijgen. Geeft me ook weer een zetje om meer dingen te gaan doen. Heel dankbaar voor de legging op deze manier, fantastisch! Ga hem nog vaak luisteren...


Wat ik het mooie van de Levensbronnen vind is, om door bewust te worden van je gedrag en de archetypen die ieder mens in zich heeft, je bewust kan kiezen om bepaald gedrag in te zetten. De Levensbronnen leerden mij met compassie naar mezelf en naar anderen te kijken 

Y.vd E.

Pien is a rock and totally works from her heart . With a lot of compassion, and staying fár from pity.  She took me very seriously. She exactly knows how to touch someone's light, without getting caught up in the drama. 


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