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Listen to your heart....

As a Trainer/Counselor I want to make an optimal connection with my clients, so that they will remember how beautiful they are, make the change and be an impact.


I work with various methods. My so-called "heart connections". Each with its own intensity and trajectory. The starting point is always that it helps you as effectively as possible in what you need at this moment. By giving you insight, doing exercises together and giving you practical tools you can work with yourself. 

I describe all my Heart Connections in the language in which they are taught.

Chakradance™ is a dance of the soul. A therapeutic movement form that connects and rebalances the body and soul. Chakradance allows the energy in your body to flow again. It is a movement for everyone, young and old, stiff or supple. 

Chakradance can be done live in groups or online in the comfort of your own home.

Each person goes through different stages in his life. In these classes you get to know them, feel where you are now and how past stages still effect you in present times. Ánd how to deal wirh these traumas from the past so can you change your future for the better.

The angels speak to us. Tune in to your soul, to the universe and hear their messages. You can attend a training, an individual workshop or experience a Soul Reading (only in Dutch) or Card Reading.

A beautiful combination of psychology and spirituality which provides knowledge and insight about what you as a human being are up against in life in terms of emotions, thoughts, anger and forgiveness. Change the way you deal with various emotions and situations.

On a regular basis there are short workshops; one full-day, 2-hour or an evening. Both live and online, in Dutch and English. See agenda for more.

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