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The Stages of Life

How you grow and learn throughout life

In life, psychologically and spiritually we go through different phases, or stages, each with its own challenges and opportunities. These stages form the building blocks of our existence and help determine how we develop and grow as individuals. 

This course is not so much about the chronological phases of life, but merely about spiritual growth, a process that can unfold during different ages in our lives. For you can be a 60yo and still experience a Youth phase when something happens in your life. For we sometimes hold energy and trauma in our body which later in life surface again. 

So don't look at the physical stage, but feel how and where you are today...

The seven Stages of Life

  1. The Youth phase is a period of discovery, learning and growth. It is the time when we explore the world around us and learn to stand firmly in life. It is also a phase in which we depend on others for guidance and support, which can cause your Inner Child not getting all the support it may have needed, which can affect you later in life. Fear and distrust is developed in this stage also, which can hold us back the rest of our life.

  2. The Creational phase marks the transition from child to adult. During this phase, many changes occur emotionally, physically and socially. We begin to become more independent, discover our own values and beliefs, and get to know (physical) love. We do not always wish to conform to authority and are full of hormones and emotions. A demand for meaning already begins to emerge here, as do feelings of guilt and not being good enough. When you fall in love at, say 55, you experience this stage all over again. 

  3. The Manifesting phase is the period when we discover our role as members of society. We take responsibility for our own lives, build relationships, start careers and possibly start a family. We ask questions about who we are and what our purpose in life is. Sometimes we want too much, do not go in the direction our heart really wants or make choices based on expectations of others. All in all, this is a phase of growth, of strength ánd shame, and of ego. 

  4. The Heart phase. Here we start to feel. Again we ask ourselves questions about who we are, what our purpose in life is. However, this time from a different angle. What suits me, what doesn't (anymore)? We set conditions to what we do in daily life and live more and more from our own needs. Because when we don't, we become unhappy and a burn-out is lurking. We call this the 'Wounded Healer'; you give to others, while still needing to receive much yourself.

  5. We know who we are, and we want the world to hear it. The Expressional phase. Now that you know what you really want, now that our heart has really felt it, we also want to share it with the world. This is the stage when we sometimes change career paths, start writing a book or take up a creative hobby. You have a deep longing to show yourself to the world. But this only works out if your heart has been through it.... If you did not 'live' stage 4 enough, you will find yourself again making choices from the ego. Or you do not dare to show your real Self and keep yourself hidden from the world.

  6. We get older, we get wiser, and we enter the Wisdom phase. This is a time when we reflect and think about what we have achieved and what we still want to achieve. It is also a stage in which we experience more peace and stability and we can focus on the more important things in life. In this stage it is important to remain open to new ideas and challenges and to keep learning and growing. AND it is important to féél the wisdom, not just to possess knowledge. When we don't, we are only a spiritual ego and have nothing more than cognitive knowledge, which is far from being WISE....

  7. The Master phase. This is spiritually the last, and highest phase of our lives. This is a time of reflection, feeling the true meaning of life and letting go of things that do not serve us. We look back, understanding life, enjoying what we have and trying to find peace with unfulfilled desires or missed opportunities. We see the bigger picture and have become the Master of our lives. We are FREE.
    This phase can be reached either at 40 or 95.... It is not a matter of age, it is a matter of growth. As are all the Stages of Life.



In 7 weeks you will learn about the stages and recognise what role they play in your current life and in your personal development. Through knowledge and various exercises we expand our awareness and experience a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us. Live a new life without fear, guilt and shame, but from love and freedom!

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