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 Initations in life®

Four elements, four challenges in life

In our lives we face challenges of emotions, thoughts, anger and forgiveness. And we often struggle with the question "why am I here on Earth?" We encounter these 4 challenges in all areas of our lives, within ourselves, in relationship to another, in our work and in our family.

This training is a beautiful combination of psychology and spirituality, developed by Drs Bonnie Bessem and is mainly about Awareness. Deal with what hinders you and go lighter through life. You get practical tools to apply in daily life.



Four sessions:
Water. How can you deal with your emotions and hasty judgments. In this session you will discover how to respond more calmly to people and events in life.


Air. This challenge is about engaging the higher, wiser, intuitive thinking instead of listening to the lower ego thinking that often reacts out of fear and judgment. You charge away from negative thoughts about yourself and others.

Fire. The challenge of the fire teaches you to see past events in a different light and forgive others -or yourself- in order to be a calmer and more loving person.

Earth. During this session you will creatively manifest your deepest desires here on earth.  You will become aware of your mission, who you want to be and what you want to create.


Become your true self!

4 one-on-one sessions of 1.5 hours that we schedule together at times that suit you, or 4 online sessions (2,5 hours) in a group (maximum 8 participants). See agenda 

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