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Pien van Lambaart-hartscoach

Living from my heart

Becoming who I always have been....

The older I get (I was born in 1967), the more I begin to feel where life wants to take me. And I recognise all the steps in the past that have brought me here.


After completing my education at the Hotelschool The Hague, I worked in the hotelindustry for several years. Then made the switch to Human Resources, specialising in Recruitment. I learned so much recruiting and working with various people at various levels. Through this experience I have come to love people in general more and more. With all their differences and similarities, their idiosyncrasies and their wonderful souls. After choosing for the important -and often underestimated- job of mother and wife for 4 years, as from 2008 I was proud designer and owner of Piens Planner, a extraordinary family diary. In 2016 I sold this concept, but the calendar still exists to the present day and is a well known diary in the Netherlands.

In 2013, I received a kind of "warning" to start following my heart much more. And so I did! Early 2014 I started the 3-year course 'Life Counselor' at the LevensCollege in The Hague, which I successfully completed in 2017, followed by Train the Trainer courses. 

Since 2018 I work as a counselor and trainer for companies and individuals. 

In 2022 my husband and I moved to Vienna, where I continue my sessions and classes in English. Also, I am still associated with various companies and educational institutions as a freelance trainer/teacher in the Netherlands.

With love,


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